Team Members

Strapline is a vlog (video blog) for people who do not want to sound like a chump who falls for questionable information surrounding our digital life.

A bunch of us from Journalism & Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong have gotten tricked by misinformation so many times in the past; and so, we decided to share what we have learned the hard way.

Want to know more about each team member? Here are our brief profiles:

AJ Libunao: The Host

AJ Libunao

AJ stands for 1) Air Jordan, b) America Japan, c) Angelina Jolie, d) Apple Juice, e) Acid Jazz, or f) American Joke.

Blood Type: LOL (and it tastes good)
Horoscope: Aquarius (yes, the sports drink from Japan)
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey King
Favorite Quote: “Sure… sure, sure, sure” originally by Masato but now AJ owns it.

Roy Ching: The Visual Magician

Roy Ching

Roy says he doesn’t read or write… everything has to be video!

Blood Type: Square
Horoscope: Triangle
Chinese Zodiac: Normally circle sometimes cross
Favorite Quote: “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.”

Ann Choy: The Whale Whisperer

Ann Choy

In a perfect world, Ann Choy! would be swimming with whales and chilling with sea turtles all day every day. Until then, she’s a master news literacy instructor in bustling Hong Kong.

Blood Type: Ann doesn’t care enough to know.
Horoscope: The Vengeful Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Orca
Favorite Quote: “Go with the flow.”

Samantha Stanley: Secret Agent #6

Samantha Stanley

Only utilized when needed, Sam is a news literacy sleuth with her head in the books. You may never see her presence but she’s always lurking…

Blood Type: Purple+
Horoscope: Crab. And no, she doesn’t want to talk about it.
Chinese Zodiac: Dog (a younger dog than Masato for sure)
Favorite Quote: “Well, I guess it goes from God, to Jerry, to you … to the cleaners. Right, Kent?” by Real Genius

Li Chen: The Drifter

Li Chen

An expat by choice, Chen feels right at home being an outsider anywhere he goes. He’s an analog nerd born into the digital age; he likes to take it slow in the fast-moving world. Looking to be a storyteller, he’s passionately disinterested in socializing.

Blood Type: B (He does not have the slightest clue about what this piece of vital information means, but his doctor says it’s important)
Horoscope: Sagittarius (He had to google this. Did he spell it right?)
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster (Would it be hen if Chen were female?)
Favorite Quote: “I hate Mondays” by Garfield

Masato Kajimoto: The Mastermind

Masato Kajimoto

The timid leader of Strapline who is never in the office (or in Hong Kong, for that matter). Masato despises those know-it-all pundits on the media although his kids say sometimes he acts like one, too (yeah, annoying). On his spare time, he is an assistant professor at the Journalism & Media Studies Centre, the University of Hong Kong.

Blood Type: A (Just in case of an emergency)
Horoscope: Libra (No, our astrological sign doesn’t determine our personalities)
Chinese Zodiac: Dog (If you would like to guess his age, you can, although Masato says he is forever 25!)
Favorite Quote: “The spectacular rise of the ‘identity discourse’ can tell us more about the present-day state of human society than its conceptual and analytical results have told us so far” by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (yup, Masato has a Ph.D. in sociology, believe it or not).